At C and B Innovations we invent and develop devices for various rehabilitation fields.

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What our customers are saying

“Heel Grip”

This strap-on device would be so helpful to people in wheel chairs

Kathleen BarryPHD

“Heel Grip”

Wonderful device!  Those in wheelchairs will feel more independent.  This should be a boon for all concerned.

Carol RowsemittRN, PHD

“Sore No More”

Very gentle, soothing, very practical and easy to use

Llana GiladPT

Watching my baby move with the [Crawl Ahead], she has blossomed in front of my eyes, becoming a new baby.

Mother of a crawling baby

My almost 2 – year old baby couldn’t crawl normally, until your crawling device finally made him do that- in less than 5 minutes!

Mother of a crawling baby