Sore No More

The “ sore no more“ ( “S – N – M “) was conceived in an attempt to treat and prevent the formation of pressure injuries (decubitus ulcers, bed sores). These are all interchangeable definitions for one of the most common, debilitating and potentially fatal conditions afflicting many people who spend a long time in bed, with limited change of position.

That limited change of position allows bony prominences (hips, elbows, spine, back of head, among others) to build up, press onto and through the skin, interfere with proper blood supply and drainage, tissue nutrition, elimination and other normal cellular functions. Over time (between 1 and 6 hours) redness around the focal point of a bony prominence appears and, if attention and treatment are not provided as needed – a skin breakdown (a pressure injury) is eventually the inevitable result. 

By providing automatic, continuous sideway rolling, (as seen in the “sore no more video: 9 minutes to one side, 18 minutes a full rolling cycle), a patient’s bony areas are in a constant, very slow and gentle roll so that pressure never has the opportunity to accumulate there, thereby creating a tissue injury.

The  “ sore – no – more” provides the care-takers of bed-ridden patients, whether they’re in a hospital, nursing / extended care facility, or a private home, with an effective, simple to operate device to turn patients around in bed, thereby reducing the chances of developing bed soars. Additionally, it is anticipated that the continuous sideways rolling of the bed-bound person will promote healing of already formed bed soars.

What they’re saying about Sore No More

“Sore No More”

Very gentle, soothing, very practical and easy to use

Llana GiladPT